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Suru Help

Explore quick tutorials of basic (and not so basic) Suru tasks.

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Create New Project

To create a new project in Suru

  • Press '+' in the Project Select column on the left side.​

  • Give your project a title, i.e. Today's To-Do, Startup Ideas, or Grocery List.

  • Select a color theme (or just stick with the default, your call).

Update Color Theme

To change the color themes of a Suru project

  • Click on the project title at the top of the main page.

  • This allows you to edit the title or change color themes.

  • Select your new theme from the popover that appears below the title.

  • Press return or click anywhere below the popover to confirm.

Project Copy, Export, Delete

To manage a project, right-click or two-finger tap

on the project title in the left column to display the pop-up menu

  • Press Copy Project to create a copy of your entire project and all of its information.

  • Press Export PDF to create a printable version of your project. The PDF file will be placed in your Downloads folder.

  • Press Delete Project to permanently delete the project and all of its information.

Create Topics

There are several ways to quickly create new topics in your Suru projects.

  • Click the empty space under your project title on the main page.

  • Right-click or two-finger tap on any existing topic and select New Topic - Below to create a topic directly below the selected topic.  

  • While editing a topic, use the keyboard shortcut 
    '⌘ + N' to create a topic directly below the current topic.

Rearrange Topics

To reorder topics

  • Click and drag the topic to the desired position. 

  • If the topic is currently expanded with visible subtopics, the topic will collapse while it is being moved and will automatically expand once placed. 

Topic Action Menu

To reveal the action menu, hover the mouse over the three  vertical dots on a topic. From the action menu, you can

  • Mark a topic complete with the checkmark.

  • Change the color of the topic and all its subtopics.

  • Delete the topic, its subtopics, and additional details or images with the X. 

Create Subtopics

Subtopics provide more information related to a particular topic. To create subtopics

  • Click the icon on the far right of a topic to show its subtopics, then press the + icon to create a new subtopic.

  • While editing a topic, the icon on the far left of the topic will turn into a + icon, which will create a subtopic directly beneath the current topic.

  • You can also right-click or two-finger tap any topic or subtopic to display a menu to create a subtopic directly below the selected topic or subtopic.

Move and Reorder Subtopics

Subtopics can be dragged and reordered like topics and also be moved to different topics 

  • To move a subtopic to a different topic, click on the subtopic action menu, select the up-down-arrow transfer icon, and choose the topic it should move to.

  • You can also move a subtopic to a new topic by right-clicking or double-finger tapping the subtopic and selecting Transfer to New Topic. 

  • Rearrange subtopics within their topic by dragging and dropping in the desired location.

Subtopic Action Menu

The subtopic action menu allows you to move, delete, and mark-complete. Hover your mouse over the three dots on any subtopic.

  • Press the checkmark in the action menu to mark an item complete. 

  • Press the X in the action menu to delete that subtopic and all associated details.

  • Press the up-down-arrow transfer icon to move a subtopic to a different topic. 

Add Detail Items

You can provide more information about a subtopic with additional text and images in the detail section 

  • Open the detail section by clicking the arrow icon on the far right of a subtopic.

  • Click the icons in the lower right of the detail section to add text and images.

  • Detail items can be dragged and rearranged like topics or subtopics.

Quick-Create Detail Items

Right-click or two-finger tap existing detail items to display a menu to quickly add new text or images directly below the current item.

  • Right-click or two-finger tap any detail item and select Create New Text - Below to add a text item directly below the selected detail item.

  • Right-click or two-finger tap any detail item and select Create Image Text - Below to add an image item directly below the selected detail item,

Detail Images

Detail image items don't have the same Action Menu as text items. To view, download, and delete detail images 

  • Double-click on a detail image to view that image at full size.

  • Double-click on a detail image and select the download icon in the top right corner to create a copy of this image in your Downloads folder.

  • Right-click or two-finger tap a detail image and select Delete to permanently remove the image.

Suru Pro

Suru Pro unlocks syncing among multiple devices, secure cloud backups, new color themes, and more. Suru Pro uses iCloud to securely store and sync your data among all devices that are logged into your iCloud account. If you have subscribed to Suru Pro and are having issues 

  • Ensure that all devices (iPhone, iPad, and Mac) are signed in with the same iCloud account (same Apple ID).

  • Ensure that your Suru has access to your iCloud storage in the iCloud setting on your device. This is usually enabled by default, but in some cases it needs to be turned on manually.

  • Ensure that you have purchased a Subscription to Suru Pro.

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